Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Accountability with the Eastlink Centre Deficit

budget approved by council are reported to council.*"

While there is no reason to suspect that the City Manager was complicit in any "cover-up" or other malfeasance, he is ultimately responsible for the financial accounts of the organization. As such, Council will be watching closely how this crisis is handled by the City Manager and will evaluate his response and decisions during his performance evaluation in January.

City Council has also asked that we and the public be given updates every two weeks from now until the ship is righted so that everyone is informed about the progress being made.

City Administration
There have been several accountability steps taken by administration. While the employee who was originally responsible for the accounting system set in place at the Leisure Centre is no longer with the City, not all fault can be put squarely on their shoulders.  It was recognized that there were gaps in some accounting functions and Finance has been given orders to review these functions to ensure consistency in each department. 

The Eastlink Centre is undergoing an internal operational review where management is being made to streamline their operations in order to "stop the bleeding" as it were.

There was also a recognition that the entire operational model needs to be reviewed, particularly in regards to staffing.  An external firm is being hired to carry out this review.

I understand that to some people these actions will never be enough and those sentiments are valid.  I just ask that you judge how the situation is handled once all the dust has settled.  We continue to learn more about the scope of this issue as the weeks progress and we won't stop asking questions until every rock is unturned. 

*taken from Part 6 of the Municipal Government Act of Alberta


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